Part Sorting Services

employee sorting parts

When a problem or defect has been identified, it is vital that parts are sorted into defective and non-defective. Sorting must be accurate to ensure that no defective components are used in the product, but it also must be done rather quickly to minimize downtime and the associated expenses. ABCO offers high-quality, dependable sorting services that ensure your parts are properly sorted in a timely fashion.

Our Sorting Process

First things first, we establish clearly defined parameters for tolerance and quality standards. We then get to work immediately sorting components and can even perform 200% independent verification for parts where there may be a safety issue. As a smaller organization, we can also move quicker to get started and complete the project faster than more cumbersome companies.

In short, ABCO is ready to quickly and properly sort out the good components from the bad. Contact us today to learn more about how we ensure excellence in everything we do.