Electrical Testing

In today’s day and age, nearly every component in a vehicle requires electrical power. Rear-view mirrors need to be connected to OnStar, seats often move automatically, and power doors shut with the touch of a button. For these reasons, ensuring that the electrical connections are sound is of the utmost importance. Our electrical testing services allow you to guarantee stringent quality standards are met every time.

Our Electrical Testing Methods

  • Continuity Testing
  • Connector Testing
  • Circuit Checks
  • Test Boxes
  • Volt Meter Testing
  • And More

Given the plethora of safety concerns that may be caused by a faulty electrical connection, we are dedicated to ensuring every component is thoroughly tested. We are capable of performing 200% verification through conducting two independent tests of the components and generously rewarding any worker who identifies an issue the other does not. With a wide variety of electrical testing methods available for different needs, components, and applications, we make sure every piece you produce is good to go.

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